MK Ultra is backed by various branches of our government, including the CIA, FBI, the Pentagon, the NSA and NASA. With their participation, MK Ultra performs covert operations and secret experiments still to this day! Our watchdog group is actively gathering information and will make it available on this web site in an effort to expose those involved and better educate the general public. Read, learn and for those that can, assist!  

General Petraeus is the Director of the CIA and new MK Ultra project leader. Click the image for his full profile and history.

Micro Chip
Image of RFID Microchip. This chip can be injected locally within seconds or from a distance using a specialized tranquilizer gun.

Image of small needle delivery system. The shot can be given to subjects quickly and leaves no evidence or markings behind.

The United States conducted experiments on its own people during the past few decades, focusing on making individuals into weapons for the purpose of fighting wars and conducting operations they would not otherwise agree to. The experiments conducted by our government were discovered in the early 90's and were the subject of congressional inquiry.

All along, a group of private citizens have also been conducting experiments in coordination with the branches of our government. These private citizens, working for private corporations, sought to use their newly government obtained technology for their own gains. One such company, VERICHIP, has been authorized to secretly install RFID tags in hospital patients in an effort to provide additional surveillance of private individuals. VERICHIP board member, Tommy Thompson (ex-governor of Wisconsin and Health & Human Services director during the Bush administration) headed the microchip project.

This covert U.S. program has contract with Doctors and Nurses in clinics across the country to inject children and adults without their knowledge (see videos of real victims in right column) during a routine visits or hospital stays. Tens of thousands have MK Ultra thread in them and don't know it. It is known as "being in the program" which means they have a BLACK MARK on a federal file, not because they broke the law, but because they have unknowingly been chosen for the underground program. You essentially become a walking audio/video feed streaming everything you see and hear to the government for classified government studies.

One of the purposes for this technology focuses on the MK Ultra gay male sex reversal project, which takes the 5% gay tendency of a normal mind to 100%, thus creating a converting a straight male to a gay male. The converted male is then forced into the underground world of escorting to continue the covert government classified study.

The solution for this is an immediate high-tech lab that detects the MK Ultra thread. The facility must be run by a trusted resistance group. Without this, we will become a society of mind controlled subjects. A person trusted to run such a facility could be ex-governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, who has written a book with topics that include the covert MK Ultra project.




Hidden camera
Video of female being secretly taped and broadcast on the internet by members of Private MK-Ultra. We have edited the explicit footage from this video.

Lawrence King, head of the MK Ultra "Franklin Conspiracy" operated a child prostitution network.

Cathy O'brien. Recovered survivor of MK Ultra project Monarch Operation. We recommend visiting her web site.

MK Ultra Ring Leader believed to have faked own death.
Industry: Architecture and Interior Design.
Occupation: Consultant, Professor and Writer.
Last Known Location: Miami, Porto Alegre Florida United States.

Government contracted street operative for Mkultra project. Sex reversals of young boys and men. Profiles unsuspecting callers on chat lines for illegal government mkultra program

Born in Brazil. Other places of interest include Chicago, Miami, Mexico, Cuba, Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, Croatia, Hungary, Holland, Germany.

Has ties to JBL Enterprises, KPS.FL Inc., Badgirls.com, Flyingcroc.com, Gone In 60 Seconds Inc. and George Soros Groups.

MK Ultra Ring Leader believed to have faked own death.

Industry: Adult entertainment

Occupation: Dancer. Lava Lounge, San Francisco. West Coast She Male Dance Tour in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

Last Known Locations: San Francisco, California United States.

Born in Chicago, IL. DOB: 01/13/65. Places of interest include Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. Alias: Sugar Chanelle/She male.

Known to be involved in child trafficking, child pornography, bestiality blackmail and espionage. Has ties to JBL Enterprises, KPS.FL Inc., Badgirls.com and Gone In 60 Seconds Inc.

MK Ultra Ring Leader believed to have faked own death after embezzling $500,000.

Industry: Law

Occupation: Former Attorney, currently disbarred.

Last Know Locations: Cook County Chicago, FT. Lauderdale Florida.

Born in Venia, OH. DOB: 04/20/64. Places of interest include Cook County Chicago and FT. Lauderdale Florida.

Known to be involved in child trafficking, child pornography, bestiality blackmail and espionage. Insurance Fraud, secretly taping his tenants having intimate moments, videotaping minors. Handled legal work for JBL Enterprises.

FIU Teacher and MK-Ultra Leader Adriana S. Garcia and her two partners, Jody E. Blomberg and Timothy E. Stagg faked their own deaths to take MK-Ultra RFID underground. They are wanted for espionage, murder by suicide, child trafficking, insurance fraud, blackmail. All three ring leaders are believed to be on the run.

The information listed is not only true, but is still in effect today with no assistance on the threat that this private group is imposing. The national threat must be stopped at all costs!

A quote from the ring leaders of Private MK-Ultra:
"Our MK-Ultra program reaches all the way to the president of the U.S. and other government agencies, including the FBI. This is accomplished by injecting MK-Ultra into agents, military and other prominent figures, such as senators. We are able to control changing of opinions and policies from the inside without much suspicion. As MK-Ultra being the source, the release of this information in such great detail would be catastrophic and will ruin our group's plans for a government and people takeover from the inside".

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